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Webuser LogoWalking Britain has been well received in the press. The first major coverage was in the Daily Mail when the site was named as "Website of Week". Coverage in the Times, Sunday Times, Guardian, Independent and many other papers and magazines has since followed with favourable comments about the site, its content and ease of navigation. The site has gained the Webuser Gold Award for walking sites and it is worth emphasising that all of this coverage has been received without any form of self- promotion so can therefore be assumed to be gained on merit.

Current statistics (10th March 2016) show winter traffic at 6.7 million page views per annum. During the period from mid-November through to end-February site visitors are dependent on weather and can vary considerably from day to day. During the remainder of the year visitor numbers are less weather-dependent.

Many advertisers have commented on the quality of response. Alison Howell from the small walking holiday tour operator "Foot Trails" commented .... "Just wanted to say well done on your gold award. We are thrilled with the response we are getting from Walking Britain, you are our top referrer."

General Site Advertising

Three positions are available - top banner, right hand gutter and left hand gutter. In addition geographically targeted advertising is available by County, National Park, Country. For example, targeted advertising can be provided on all pages featuring Peak District, Lake District, Cornwall, or Scotland content.

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The Directories

Three directories are available for the display of banners and text. These cover

Cost £60 per annum - Includes :-

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Business Partner Lists

The reconstruction of the site, in mid-2006, allowed many new ideas to be used in the page design. The dynamic nature of the pages means that information relevant to the walk and area can be selected allowing local businesses to accurately target potential customers. Categories include accommodation, outdoor shops, attractions, pubs etc.

Cost £15 per annum - Includes :-

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Full Page Features

Full page features have veen a popular method of marketing since this site began in 1997. In addition your business also benefits from full Business Partner status with your entry linked to all relevant walks displayed on the site. You also derive some benefit from Walking Britain's status with the major search engines.

Cost £50 per annum - Includes :-

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Careful consideration would be given to any sponsorship for specific areas of the site. For example a series of walks in certain locality.

Facebook Logo Walking Britain has recently inaugurated a Facebook Page (March 2014). This page can be used to assist advertisers to promote their products provided some paid advertising has been agreed.   

Image specifications

The aim of this site is to provide information to its visitors as quickly as possible. Therefore we do impose limits on image file sizes and we do prefer not to use distracting animations.

Page and image design and construction

We build content free of charge if required. Normally we ask you to provide text for under banner positions as you know your product better then we do! Where possible we use images and text available on existing web sites for construction of feature pages.

Contacting Walking Britain

Please click here to email Walking Britain.